Company’s Profile

Fruition is a registered import and export company headquartered in Greece, trading globally in the fruit industry.
We are just a great team looking out for excellence…
It is many more than the people who are in our offices; most importantly are all our farmers worldwide, our local field managers, our field scientists, our collection workers, our packaging stuff, our maintenance people in our packing houses worldwide. We all work as one team, sharing a common mindset of quality on every single step of our daily operations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to shine in the fruit industry, becoming the best & first choice fresh produce supplier for all retailers and wholesalers worldwide.
We are determined on providing the variety of fruit demanded despite any seasonal or regional availability issues.

Our Mision

Our mission is to keep exceeding all our customers’ expectations worldwide and to further expand our network of farmers worldwide.
We aim on adding value to our customers’ operations, results and image, providing exceptional professional services and supplying handpicked quality products from our selected farms worldwide.

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